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SS Masterclasses


Is your intuition guiding you to something new? 

The SS Masterclass series is just what you need to evolve your intuitive intelligence to support your spiritual evolution.   Your intuition will tingle with ‘the knowing’ you are right on track!

Each SS Masterclass is power-packed with WOW and AHA moments - you will be supercharged with divine ‘Let’s do this’ power.

When: You set the time and pace.

Where: Online


$10 Monthly Subscription gets you access to all Masterclasses

Psychic Development.png

It’s time to get your intuitive Intelligence activated so you can use it every day. In the intensive SS Masterclass, we will switch on your intuitive skills and integrate them into your daily life as a powerful tool to get you on track and connected. 

  • Clairvoyance - seeing, hearing, senses

  • Protecting you and your energetic space.

  • Spiritual life guides

  • Connecting with your Guides/ Angels

  • Receiving messages/ guidance- how?

  • Interpreting messages​

Psychic Development (2).png

Do you want to learn how to do a Psychic Reading? Then this SS Masterclass is a must. Reading personally or professionally you will explore and enhance your skills in the art of reading intuitively. 

  • Intuitive Reading vs Card Reading.

  • Future ‘reading’ 

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Prophecy/ Predictive Dreams

  • Conducting a reading for someone else

  • Receiving a reading

  • Channelling Information 


This SS Masterclass is all focused on the development of your Psychic Mediumship skills. This class is all about learning by doing- an intensive class that connects to your skills.

  • Life to Death - The transition process for the soul

  • Protecting you and your energetic space.

  • Connecting with your Guides/ Angels

  • Establishing your way of communicating with the deceased and interpreting messages.

  • Passing on messages to the living

  • How to deliver difficult/ sensitive information. 

  • Questioning for accuracy/ confirmation

  • Crossing over ‘lost’ souls ​

Mediumship (2).png

In this advanced SS Masterclass, we explore the expanded world of Mediumship. For many Psychic Mediums we also will sense, encounter and interact with souls that need assistance to cross over, ghosts and low vibrational beings  It is recommended to undertake the developing Psychic Mediumship SS masterclass first. 

  • Identifying and assisting Earthbound Spirits - Ghosts

  • Lower Vibrational Beings- the who and what 

  • Cleansing of Haunted spaces 

  • Low Vibration Beings attacks

  • How to remove Low Vibrational Entities attached to humans 

  • How to remove low Low Vibrational Entities attached to houses/ objects

  • Energetic Protection Barriers for yourself and your space. 

  • Access Portals- Identifying and Closing down.​

Psychic_ Soul Protection.png

Protecting you and your energetic space is a must. In this intensive SS Masterclass, we explore all the tools, practises and rituals to keep your soul energy at its super power best.

  • Crystals 101

  • Crystal grids to protect, clear and cleanse energy

  • Tools to enhance peace, calm and grounding ie rainsticks, Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese bells

  • Lighting Candles and Prayers/ mantras/ affirmations for protection and cleansing

  • Psychic Attacks

  • Daily Spiritual Rituals and Practises for connection of mind, body and soul.

Psychic Soul Protection.png

Have you gone into a space and felt something is off? Or feels cold, dark and sinister? Have you been woken at 3 am and have a sense eyes are watching you? Do you sometimes feel like you are on a roll of accidents, mishaps and bad luck?

Have you ever felt that something lurks in the shadows watching you?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions then this SS Masterclass is a must for you. 

  • Energetic Portals- Detecting and closing down.

  • Clearing negative energy

  • Cleansing spaces ie house, car - smudge, blessings, 

  • Breaking toxic negative attachments. 

  • Sensing & Clearing Lower Vibrational Beings

  • The ‘witching’ hour 3am

  • Removal of lower vibrational Being Attachments​

energetic healing.png

Are you ready to release your inner healer? This intensive SS Masterclass will elevate energetic detection to heal, grow and evolve you. 

  • Overview of Energetic Healing Modalities- What is right for me?

  • Discover your inner healer.

  • Chakra Clearing and Aura Cleansing

  • Sensing energy in self and others

  • Clearing the stagnant energy of self and others

  • Detecting energetic blocks, identifying their origins and energetically removing these.

  • Crystals & Crystal grids for balance, grounding, calm and focus.

  • Sound Healing​

energetic healing (2).png

Take a journey inside your soul to heal and evolve yourself. Learn how to walk the path of a healer to seek answers to blocks, repetitive patterns, and sabotaging behaviours in this lifetime. In this intensive SS Masterclass, we ask you to take the Inner healing Journey and be WOWED by your discoveries.

  • The Shamanic Inner Healing Journey 

  • Healing childhood trauma

  • Past life Regression Healing

  • Shadow work Healing

  • Guided Healing Meditation

  • Channelling your own guided healing mediation.

Soul Maps.png

You have lived many lifetimes. You have undertaken many life journeys. In fact, right now your soul is living simultaneous lifetimes. In this intensive SS Masterclass, we explore the past, present and parallel you! 

  • Soul Ascension

  • Destiny & Fate - fixed or variable?

  • Past life incarnations

  • Future/ Parallel/ Inter-Dimensional lives

  • Reincarnation

Soul Maps (2).png

Ever wondered what happens before you are born? Ever wonder where the records are of your soul journey? In this SS Masterclass, we get into the nitty-gritty of the pre-incarnation. From the selection of life lessons, repaying karmic debts and life partners-  this SS Masterclass will have you levelling up on your Soul Ascension.

  • Akashic Records

  • Soul Mates

  • Soul Partners

  • Twin Flames

  • Soul Contracts

  • Soul Family

  • Karmic Lessons

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