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Sonita was an Australian primary school teacher and leader for over 15 years and holds a Bachelor's in Education with a major in Children’s Literature. She designed and led state and national projects and innovations in curriculum programs. Sonita's passion was student welfare and the design of personal development programs, that connected each child to value and accept themselves with love.

Sonita teamed her academic career with her passion for life coaching, and her clients describe her as a 'breathe of fresh air’ in the self-help/motivational arena. Sonita’s client list includes celebrities. She has been featured in Australian and international media.

Sonita uses a number of different techniques to unearth the issues, navigate your mind and support you in overcoming challenges.


During my time in educational leadership, Sonita spent many years fine-tuning her approach to assist learners old and young to empower themselves to be lifelong learners and thinkers. Sonita studied academic research programs (ie Cognitive Coaching- Art Costa, Thinking Skills with Edward de Bono) to support people in navigating the emotional, mental, intuitive and physical dimensions of their intelligence in both the professional and personal domains of their lives.


Mindset is everything and Sonita offers practical strategies to focusing your mind to connect to the inner power within you and set your mind right. 

A coaching session is about setting positive intentions to connect within and nurture your loving relationship with yourself. 

Whether career, business or personal, coaching sessions are tailored to you. 

 Life Coaching

 Career Coaching

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