"It's not how it is supposed to be, but this is what it is..." 

How often have you said this to yourself?

Most times you can rejig, re work, re align.

 essentially apply all the 're's'. 

BUT what if the entire life you have only ever known, planned, designed blew up?

What would you do? 

Share in the stories of you, me, her, she, we, they, us - inspirational women who have at the crossroad of their life faced the question,

"What's next?'. 


Join Emily and Sonita, our live web show, as they slip into 'her' shoes and embark on a journey of understanding, love, compassion and inspiration.

Will cry.

We will celebrate.

We will feel.

We will connect through the laughter and the tears.

We unite - our hearts, minds and souls.


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The journey is the destination

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