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A Connection with Sonita is Life Changing.


Sonita is a world-renowned psychic medium.

You may have seen her on TV.

Or heard her on the radio. 

Born with intuitive gifts, Sonita's accuracy is astounding. Whether connecting with deceased loved ones or supporting you in life, Sonita communicates with clarity, warmth, compassion and empathy. 

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Book your one-on-one Psychic Intuitive Reading with Sonita. 


15 minutes $50

30 minutes $130


45 minutes $180


1 hour $220

Blessing of Healing copy.png

Using Shamanic Healing techniques, Energetic Healing and guided visualisation, Sonita will take you on a healing journey inside your soul to heal, release, ground, accept, balance, embrace, forgive, and love... you! 

The Inner Healing Journey:

  • Removes emotional/ mental blocks, 

  • Raise awareness to release repetitive patterns, stagnation and sabotaging behaviours.

  • Inner child healing

  • Past Life Regression.

  • Release emotional life event trauma.

  • Cut toxic emotional ties. 

  • Cut cords to unhealthy toxic relationships and behaviours.

  • Spritz and Clean- Energetic Chakra and Soul Energy centre cleanse.

  • Release fear

30-minute Inner Journey Healing

45-minute Inner Journey Healing

1 hour Inner Journey Healing

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