pocketful of wisdom
a smile so bright bruised, battered from

POCKETFUL OF WISDOM podcast connects us through stories of inspiration, honesty, and life wisdom. 

Together we can support each of us to soar to great heights, live our dreams and know our worth. 

You have read Sonita's poems her words inspire, motivate, connect us... 

Now you can listen. Sonita's voice guides you to heal, evolve and empower. 

BEAUTIFUL YOU series is the ‘passing on’ of wisdom forged through the challenges, celebrations, regrets, hurts of our life stories.

It bonds us together, uniting us in the power of love, respect, and the collective wisdom of ‘woman’ to empower generation after generation. 

THE DAILY STEP series, one little step at a time, supports you to:

  • Design your life 

  • Smash through your roadblocks

  • Sync, Align and Define you