Pocketful of Wisdom connects us through stories of inspiration, honesty, and life wisdom. 


A collective and vast bank of life experience, knowledge and insight that lives in every single one of us.

Sharing forms of tribe connected and committed to the growth and evolution of each of us.

It tells us we are not alone in our journey and together we can support each of us to soar to great heights, live our dreams and know our worth. 

Beautiful You  series, is the ‘passing on’ of wisdom forged through the challenges, celebrations, regrets, hurts of our life stories.

It bonds us together, uniting us in the power of love, respect, and the collective wisdom of ‘woman’ to empower generation after generation. 

Raw, powerful, and authentic, Pocketful Of Wisdom reveals the beautiful in each of us, our life, our experience - our story. 

You are amazing, enough, love, wisdom and perfectly you! 

Your story is powerful and full of wisdom and insight.