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Living is hard

So many who break you

Beat you down

Stomp on you

So they may rise to the top

Stand above you

Suppress you

Drain you

Leave you shattered

How long will you stand

And watch as they destroy you?

Weaken you?

You watch


And allow

When will you stop?

Open your mind

Open your heart

Release your wings

Feel your power

Extend your arms wide

And breathe

Life into you

Power into you

Strength into you

Feed your soul with the power

To stand up and stay


I am worthy

I am value

I mean something

I matter

I belong

You shake you shoulders and watch them fall.

You will not take from me

You will walk away

My wings have spread

My soul shines

I release my power

I know my worth

I stand arms open and scream


#iam #soul #power #value #worth #you #backyou #belong #standtall #light #divine #release #freedom #youfirst

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