Back Yourself

I never really thought I was any good at writing. I always found it hard to produce something that fit into that box of grammatical perfection. My belief was to be a good writer you had to have perfect grammar skills. My writing has always just come to me- thoughts l, ideas all with the purpose of making people feel

Something, think something, inspire something, invite something. My writing came from the heart. It’s purpose was always so clear to me – write because that’s what your soul wants to do. I loved getting lost in a story, seeing the world through a character. When I write I feel everything, see everything and all I want to do is share it.

I am honoured to be signed with Austin Macauley and am so looking forward to the release next year of the picture story book Butterfly Kisses. Butterfly kisses has my heart and soul- it is an award winning short film and now its next evolutionary step has begun. For that matter so has mine…..

When I write my films I lose myself completely in the story. I laugh at myself sometimes when I read dialogue and scene descriptions I have written and think… ‘Where did that come from?’ Honestly, I am amazed that it came from my mind.

I love being able to breath life into a character and watch through my writing their story unfold.

When I started winning awards for my writing – I honestly thought ‘What the? Me?’

You see I actually never thought I was any good. For me the awards allowed me to see I actually was. My words, my writing, my story were good enough. The only person that needed to really award me… was me.

The award was simple….. back yourself.
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