broken love in the myth of a fairytale

my insides gurgle

twist and turn I feel it

the fear and the panic

My head and

my heart

in battle.

it is constant

emotions collide

fear constant

a black cloud

that shrouds my existence everyday

no matter what I do

no matter how much I try

to create the new

to alleviate this fear

it is always there

it never leaves

every time I think I know

it falls to pieces

every time I think it

will happen

it backfires

and I end up

with nothing



surround me


I retreat into the

turmoil of existence





I blame myself

believed in a future

that did not exist


I failed

out of chances

out of reasons


my body strains

under all the pressure.

Where am I meant to be?

What am I meant to be doing?

the fairytale

has no happy ending


my bleeding heart

can not take the pain

a loneliness

embedded deep in my soul


it isolates me

Broken love
in the myth of a
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