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dance to your beat

The other day I was caught in the rain.

It was pouring- my clothes quickly soaked through

The wind swirled.

Most people say dance in the rain- but I didn't want to.

I stood hunched in the rain.

My teeth chattered.

My body shivered.

I didn't move.

I was lost. My body numb to the cold.

So overwhelmed with life.

So completely exhausted.

Every turn. Every move.

I walked blindly forwards.

My feet ran. They ran away from everything. Carrying my body, my feet carved a new path.

The rain lashed at me. I pushed through.

Lost in my anger.

Lost in my doubt

Lost in my fear

Lost in my disappointment.

I pushed and pushed. Harder and faster my feet took me.

The tears flowed.

They mixed with the raindrops carving their way down my cheeks.

I cried a river of tears.

Everything streamed out of me.

The rain it cleansed me. Washed away the tears, the fear, the anxiety and the isolation.

The rain I hated freed me from the prison of my own mind.

Still running. Still pushing. Still seeking. Still moving.

I smiled.

I am moving. My feet aligned with my body, soul and mind. Together, in sync I am moving forward. Together, as one entire being, I head straight into the unknown.

Together it beat the darkness.

Together it worked to see the light. Reach for the more. Restoring love in the centre of my being. Grounded, secure and assured.

My feet slow to a walk. Spreading my arms wide, my face looking at the heavens, the rain dances on my face.

My feet stepping to an invisible beat. My beat. My rythym. My vibe.

I was dancing in the rain.

#soul #inspire #livelovelaugh #rain #affirmations #love #life #rejuvinate #river #cleanse #restore #seek #move #together

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