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Destination Unknown

The hallway is endless,

I can not see its end

Does it even have one?

The walls high,

the ceiling low,

I am bathed in darkness.

It blinds me.

The hallway has no doors,

no exits,

it must be travelled.

Vision limited,

no connection

to anything,

only the journey forward.

I feel my lonely,

it surrounds me

a reminder

there is only I.

No we,

no they,

no one.

My heart aches

with sadness,

a pain so deep,

it clouds my thinking.

Why keep going?

Is it worth it?

Will they see me?

Will they hear me?

Will they feel me?

Am I worth it?

My hands flat on the walls,

I pull myself forwards.

I don't want to,

but my body won't listen.

It moves forward.


Usually quick to answer,

my brain is silent.

It's answer spoken not in words,

but the silence.




I fight the tears.

The pain,

the dread,

the anguish.

I surrender

to the prison

of my loneliness,

my isolation,

my grief.

No exit.

The path must be walked

to a

destination unknown.

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