Follow Your Dreams

If you are willing.

If you believe.

If you never give up.

You will succeed.

Each step forward is a success. 

Following your dreams is hard. Some days you wonder if its all worth it, contemplating whether the struggle will bring success. Whether the hard work actually means anything.

BLINK has just been awarded its 8th Screenwriting award.  BLINK’s resume of awards is impressive. Each time we win, I sit back in wonder and marvel at its success.

Most of the time you question your sanity.  It’s the sympathy look then the … ‘I think its time chat’ conversation you begin to have with yourself. Suddenly every fear and insecurity you even felt about your talent, worth, value and skill is questioned. Anxiety and fear flood your through your body. You battle within yourself, striping yourself of success, showering yourself with failure, berating yourself, talking yourself out of following what you know is in your blood.

Until exhausted, you stop and surrender to the fear. You succumb to the idea that dreams just don’t come true. You whisper to yourself..’I give up..’ and cry yourself to sleep at the failure.

Then you wake up the next day and you realise that you can’t give up.

 You won’t give up. Because you believe. You believe in yourself. You believe in the power of your dreams. You believe that feeling the spark of joy and life flood through your body, is worth it. And then you keep going…..

BLINK is a masterpiece. A truly incredible script and I am not just saying that because I co wrote it. I still remember the day I woke up with the beginning. It was there I first met these characters. It was that day that I began the writer conversation with each of the characters. I spent hours talking to them exploring and discovering their story, who they are, what defined them.

I knew their story was powerful. It was real. It was my story, your story. Our story. Hours were spent telling their story, getting it right. There were moments we got it wrong. The characters reminded us to stay true to the story. To tell it as it was- real, raw and powerful.

I know BLINK is something beyond special. Some may scoff and demean the value of the 8 awards. Not I, I am proud of each and every award.

For me it reminds me to keep following my dreams. To not give up.

BLINK is ready for its next evolutionary step.  I know the right person is out there- they will see what we see, feel what we feel, know what we know- that BLINK is special and a story that needs to be told.  And finally the BLINK will graduate to the ‘In Production’ tag.

Success is in every step. Every choice. Every corner.
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