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Sometimes the emotional past comes back to bite you on the ass big time. It is such an overwhelming as we find ourselves dealing with the same thing over and over. And you think to yourself “Why just why?”.

I find myself asking that question all the time. And after months of searching for answers I finally came to the conclusion that we never really get rid of things from the past. They existed. They impacted. They changed us somehow. They mattered then.

It’s not that we haven’t dealt with it – we more then likely have. What I discovered is as I grow and evolve- the past creeps up and bites me on the ass. Not in the same way but in a different way. How I handle it now will be different to the past. How I grow from it now will be different from the past. The themes, issues, feelings will be different from the past as I am different.

So… what does that mean? We deal with the past. A past we think we buried. Because life throws us into situations constantly. Emotions trigger us and we remember. Emotions trigger us to feel. Emotions trigger us to act. To chose. Emotions trigger us to unravel and question everything.

 And you forget that you are different now! You have grown from the past. And for a moment you lose yourself back there.

And then you remember. You remember that you aren’t the same. You feel, think and see differently. And now you can chose differently.

Everyday experience grows you. The good and the bad. From minute to minute you change.

Even though the past can be scary, the past is there to remind us of how much we have grown. Of what we want. Of who we want to be.
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