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Love whispers

She looks into the mirror. Her eyes scan her face. 

Immediately she turns away.

Her head hung low.

She takes the blanket,

Holds it up,

Turns back to the mirror

And covers it.

She stares into the mirror.

This time nothing stares back at her.

She hunches over

And whispers

I can’t look at you

And she cries.

Her body shudders.

The sobs echo off the walls.

Look at me, love whispers.

She shakes her head.

See me, love whispers.

I hate you, she whispers.

I love you, love whispers.

How can you love something so ugly? So flawed? So weak? So broken? She screams.

I only see beauty, strength, love. I see you. Lovewhispers.

Her eyes lower. She pulls the blanket off.

See me, love whispers.

She slowly looks up. Her eyes meet her own.

Love me, love whispers

She stares at herself. Her eyes travel over her reflection.

She looks into her own eyes.

Every line. Every blemish. Every flaw is your story. It is not ugly. It is beauty. It is life. It is love. She whispers.

They nod.

It is me, she whispers.

She smiles at herself.

I love you, she whispers, And tomorrow I will love you even more. And everyday after that, my love for me will grow. 

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