Of Just Pure Love

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I woke up this morning and remembered.

The birds called to me from outside,

so I followed their chatter.

I stepped onto the balcony

the same one we stood on

and looked out.

I saw the majesty of nature,

the sun rises

to fill the world

with its love and warmth.

The birds chattered louder,

their excitement broke

the stillness of the morning.

It drew my attention,

to listen,

to hear.

In their chatter,

I heard you.

You told me to smile on this day,

a day I always,

remember you.

You told me

I was strong

and I could,

words I longed to hear.

I smiled,

the invisible breeze

kissed my cheek.

The birds quietened,

I honoured that moment

Of just pure love

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