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one step at a time

For many of us, well me anyway, I can get lost in the have to's, need to's and must do's. The perfect recipe for disaster. And the perfect formula for do too much, think too much, feel too much and that equals - nothing gets done.

So all those dreams, year long goal setting flutters out the window as you push yourself to the limits with 'big picture ideas'.

I am a planner. But way too often I get caught up in the 'achievement hype' driven by the 'let's see results hype'.

And in that hype we forget that success is a series of steps. You take one step at a time towards the goal.

But we blindly run. Skip steps. Eye on the prize we sprint for the finish line. Only to discover all we really have is a whole heap of nothing.


It's simple.

To achieve success. To 'manifest' our visions, dreams and goals we have to have a daily plan.

Otherwise, we get caught up in the 'big picture'. When really we need to focus on the 'smaller picture'.

We need a plan - a daily plan, weekly plan to guide our thinking, feelings, actions and choices to align with the big picture goals. Small steps- one step at a time.

Break it down. Be clear with yourself.

Make it workable for you.

Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Every goal needs action. Can't get anywhere without it.

Action is the 'what'. Be clear. Be specific. What exactly are you going to do?

Next.. yes there is a next.

Ask yourself:

What will I see?

What will I feel?

What will I know?

These questions give you key insight into the what next.

This is so important.

Why? Because you need to know what is working or not.

If it is - AWESOME keep working it. If it's not- change it or get rid of it.

No point wasting time on anything that is fast tracked to the town of nowhere.

Especially when your goal to be somewhere.

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