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Our True Self

We all want to hide parts of ourselves. As a child being Indian and dark skinned meant that I was different from all the other people in my very ‘White’ Australian suburb. I was the odd one out – you could always spot me amongst my friends. Growing up, all I wanted was to blend in with everyone else. To not be the obvious, different one.

But that was never going to happen. So I hide in between. Quiet, compliant, supportive. I became the person not wanting to draw anymore attention to myself. Anything that made me different I hid from everyone. I wanted to be accepted, loved and mostly I just wanted to feel I belonged.

To bring this into the 2000’s, I didn’t want to be Scarey Spice – I wanted to be Baby Spice.

The choice I made at the tender age of 5, the Dora the Explorer lookalike with big brown eyes, cemented my path into adulthood.

I rejected who I was. My intelligence. My intuitive abilities. My talents, gifts, abilities. I hid them. Why? Simply I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t want to be rejected for not being the same.

I am now in my late 40’s. And I thought to myself F*** THAT!

I wasn’t going to hide anymore. I was going to show myself, not the world, to ME who I really was.

I was going to love all those hidden parts that sculpted and framed me as a person.

And the most important part was:

I accepted that my intuitive side was a gift- a precious gift that feeds my creative soul and drive. It is a part of me, that natures positive choices, actions. It drives me to not give up. To have faith. To believe in me, the power within to create the life and destiny I choose.

It supported me to grow as a person. To connect with people. To help others find who they were and bring to life their dreams.

I stopped giving a damn about what other people thought about me.

I backed myself.

I stopped giving so others could, off my back, succeed.

I stopped being afraid to be alone. Accepted that if I had me, that was enough.

Be you! Do not hide! Your people, you TRIBE, will find you and love you fiercely.

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