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Own it!

Life has such a funny way of playing out. We are constantly searching for a reason for this, a reason for that. Endlessly searching for a moment that will give us hope and with that a glimmer of happiness we all so desperately need.

Is it that for many of us we have lost hope of a future of our own design. A future that contains every dream, every element of love, happiness and peace we are all so desperately in need of.

For many of us we lay trapped in the daydream of this, unable to move anywhere because we simply don't know how to. It is that we are conditioned from young to believe this is how life if meant to be lived. You are a child, grow up, get married, build your career, set up yourself for financial security and live out the years in bliss, whilst watching your family grow.

Was this how I was conditioned? Or did I condition myself? I followed the sheep of normality, fearful to break into a freedom run to my passion and pursue what my heart desired my passions.

Really when it comes down to it, it was always me. I searched for reasons, even tried the old blame game. I blamed my childhood, my family, my parents, my school, my teachers and finally I got to the universe and the big man upstairs. Since when did any of these people have such control over my life as an adult. They didn't. I blamed every external source as it was so much easier then admitting I was solely responsible.

It was time I owned my own crap.
Every fear, every insecurity, every choice, every decision, every regret, everything that happened in my life and everything that didn't. That was all on me, not anyone else.

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