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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

To be successful we use all of our intelligence.

Emotional - understanding and using the emotions within ourselves to propel us forward in personal growth and achievement. Using this knowledge to assist us to overcome our emotional barriers, challenges and obstacles.

Social - our interaction with others.

Learning - our ability to learn new information, knowledge and skills.

Mental – our ability to process and integrate all sub intelligence areas- our ‘thinking’.

Physical - our skills in using the physical body.

Self - the foundation of who we are- your belief systems and philosophies.

We have strengths in some and others challenge in others. We rely on our ‘expertise’ intelligence to support us when we are faced with using our intelligence in areas that challenge us. Knowing our strengths and challenges gives us the power to understand our behaviour, thinking, actions and choices.

We will automatically avoid using an intelligence area if it is one we constantly struggle with. If we hide from our emotions we will not choose to use our emotional intelligence. We will avoid challenging ourselves to express emotionally. We will use alternate intelligences to understand or avoid engaging in the emotional journey of understanding.

Empowerment of ourselves is being the directors of our own life journey. Success begins with the acknowledgement of our strengths and challenges in our intelligence. It is about using what we excel in to support us in our journey face our challenges head on. It is in the challenge of life that we learn and grow.

Success is integrating and using all of your intelligences - actively engaging in unison.

Each sub intelligence supporting the other. Our intelligence is designed to be used as a whole - when we rely on only a portion of that whole we prevent ourselves from growing and embracing our success.

It is like trying to paint a rainbow with only three colours- we can only paint half a rainbow. Now if we choose to use all the colours on a palette we can paint a full rainbow and even include colours that we create ourselves in it as well. So we end up with a rich, vivid and colourful creation by choosing to use all rather than a few!

It’s at this point that we realise that the person blocking our pathway to success is really and quite simply ourselves. We limit our own potential in the choices and actions that we take. It is important that we accept responsibility and ownership of our own success - it is not because of someone else or something else that we succeed or fail. Ultimately it is up to us! We choose what we do. We choose how we do it! We choose to use our intelligence to its potential and when we just use it minimally to ‘get by’.

So is your choice now to use all of your intelligence (not just the ones you are really good at) to their greatest potential? At this point you can choose to recede back to your old way of thinking and doing - to settle back into the safety and security of an existence that you are familiar with. BUT just imagine for a moment how you can change your life right now by this choice you make.

You can give yourself permission to use your intelligence without fear or embarrassment - step into the foreground and allow for yourself and the world to share in your pride in the intelligence within you.

It is time now to trust yourself once again and embrace all the aspects of who you are – trust and believe in yourself that you can achieve all by embracing all parts of yourself (strengths and challenges) and actively using these to carve a life journey of success.



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