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Retrain your Brain

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have in the transformation of ourselves.

+ feeds positivity.

- feeds negativity.

Everything thought we explore is triggered by the world around us. And more importantly the world inside us.

This moment right there, is make or break time. Two paths are presented:

  • we are propelled into success. YAY! You navigated the obstacles and kept pushing on


  • we wrap ourselves in fear and hover right there in that moment. And right here is where we get into the nitty gritty of why and how.

Our mind will try to think in the way it is used to. What is known. What feels safe. The trigger will automatically flick you into your default setting. Whether it is fuelled by fear, hurt, guilt or protection - you mind is in fight or flight mode. Do I run away or stay and fight?

Take a breath.

The moment this is battle to you, you have already lost.

Take a breath.

THINK- What triggered me?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

THINK - What am I thiniking?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

Think - What am I seeing?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

THINK- What am I feeling?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

THINK - What will I do?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

NOW- you have AWARENESS.

It's game changer time.

The power shifts right into your hands. You hold it all.

THINK- What do I choose to do?

Take a breathe and Acknowledge.


Celebrate the step forward. High five to you!

Repeat when necessary. As often as needed.

In nutshell you just retrained your brain. Re-wired your thinking. And that means positive change.

It won't be smooth sailing. You will fall back into old thinking patterns. You will have a tantrum. You will have a hissy fit. Have it! Get it out of your system. Then get back on track.

So lets get into 'what just happened there...':


  1. Recognised the trigger - The WHAT just happened moment!

  2. Identified the impact emotionally, mentally & physically to yourself.

  3. Did some hard THINKING - What am I thinking? Is my mind positively looking for a solution? Am I feeling sorry for myself?

  4. Have your AHA moment! The “Yes I Get it Now!”

  5. Action- what action will I take? Recgonise the negative impacts and ask yourself what am I going to do?

  6. Made a choice.

  7. DID - followed through and committed to action.

  8. Celebrated with a YES I did it!

And remember always


❤️ Sonita

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