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Right where I am meant to be

Lately I have taken some time to just sit back and recover from what has been an enormous two years. So many people kept telling me I needed to just sit, heal, define, restructure and be me. I didn’t listen for so long because I felt like I had to keep going.  To stop and acknowledge meant I would have to feel. And I didn’t want to feel. I wanted to hide from all the pain, disappointment and struggle.

I didn’t want to face the feelings I had towards myself. The ones that told me I wasn’t good enough. That I was responsible for all the ‘bad’ stuff that had gone on.

I was tired of feeling inadequate. I was tired of being judged. I was tired of feeling like my life was a failure. I was just tired…

The work I loved. That I was so passionate about was all too much. The pressure and expectation I placed on myself was just to much. I wanted to help others, but you can’t when there is nothing  left in you to even help yourself. So I took some time off… reluctantly and consumed myself with the guilt of ‘not doing anything’. But really I was doing so much. I was taking the time to get me back on track.

The reactions from people were funny – my closest were relieved to finally see me heal. Others wanted me broken and lost.

I  became stronger in my sense of self. And most importantly my trust of self. I stopped putting energy into what was wrong and instead on what was right. If something wasn’t making me happy- I asked why. Then I did something about it. Gone were the days of waiting for others or for a miracle of to come and save me or change my life.

My relationship with God became so important. I didn’t go to church. I didn’t have to. I stopped and focused on reconnecting with him. Of understanding his place in my life. Of not relying on God to fix my life- using his strength, belief and light to empower me to push through. My connection to God is sacred to me. God helped showed me the strength of myself. That I hold the power and to not give that away to anyone.

I looked at the people around me. And I decided who stayed and who went. The insight and perspective from honesty showed me the truth. For years I felt it was my responsibility to make things right- to fix the problem. There are some problems that can’t be fixed.  And there are some people who just aren’t meant to be in your world.  So I took a magnifying glass to the people around me. I looked from my heart into their heart, for  that connection of love, respect, value and trust.  If I didn’t find it, I let them go with love and blessings of happiness.

It made room for new connections.

Connections that fitted. Connections that inspired. Connections that celebrated love.

As I write this Cat Stevens “Morning Has Broken’ randomly played. It was my Dad’s favourite song. And it became one of my favourite songs.

A beautiful reminder I am right where I am meant to be.
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