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Seek the Journey

Updated: May 25, 2020

Lately I have told a lot, "I'm waiting.".

I ask "For what?".

The reply, "For it to get better. So I don't feel lost, scared and overwhelmed.".

You can't blink and hope that when you open your eyes, the life you want is waiting there.

It doesn't magically appear.

Your PATH is directed by you.

You have to live through the dark, the crappy and the lost.

You will be tired.

You will want to give up.

You will want to curl in a ball.

You will want to hide.

And you will be lost in the waiting.

You will feel the air suck out of you. Suffocate. Until you decide to take the next breathe.

Wait or seek?

Live or exist?

Lost or Found?

Light or Dark?

Choose to EVOLVE.

SEEK the journey.

It will be test you beyond anything you have known.


You will wade through the murky waters, unsure if the next step is safe.

Choose to LEARN.

TRUST yourself.

WALK your path.

Be your own HERO.

GROW with every step.

REDEFINE, ALIGN and EMPOWER you to DESIGN the life you want.

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