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So I said goodbye

I said goodbye today

I didn't want to

but I had no choice

you were gone

and I couldn't stay

where there was once warmth

I shivered with cold

where there was once life

echoed with death

so I said goodbye

and turned my back

but I couldn't walk away

I didn't want to leave

I didn't want the door to close

and it to be lost forever

I stood in the doorway

between then and now




a miracle would happen

instead of cold

I would feel warmth

instead of death

I would feel life

Instead of remembering

I could live it

So I said goodbye

But I waited

and hoped

my shoulders sagged

with each passing breathe

I knew

it was gone

no saves

no second chances

no do overs

only emptiness

there was nothing here for me anymore

we reached the end of our road

a time lost

a love lost

a life lost

If I stayed

I would die

it was gone

I stepped out

closed the door

I cried my goodbye
at the memories

locked in a past

I could no longer live in.

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