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something in nothing

In the morning

when I first wake

The stillness

the silence

It my time

to focus

to decide

how this day will go

my will

my vision will form the the premise, the tone, the goal of this day

this morning I was tired

I wrapped myself in my blanket

cocooned in its warmth

Just for one day

I wanted it to be a 'not' day

I wanted to to have a 'give up' day

one day where I could hide, be tired and not do

I battled with my mind

I fought with my body

so I compromised

I gave myself not one day

but one hour.

my body thanked me.

my heart rested.

my mind mused on random things.

random thoughts.

and I rested.

after the hour

i was ready

to focus

the rest fuelled my creativity

ignited my mind

my focus

my vision for the day

to take time to rest

to slow down

to just sit and be

to smile

to revel in the art of doing nothing

to enjoy each moment

to know there is always something in nothing

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