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The Abyss

You know that feeling in your guts when someone tells you they hate you.  It’s that sinking feeling of confirmation of your worst fears that you aren’t good.  That sensitive place inside of you feeds your insecurities and you drown in its coldness. You feel your body expand, bloating,  to protect you from the harshness of the words.

You sink down. Fall to the ground. You drown in the misery of rejection.  Suddenly you are in your abyss of darkness.

This is the place with no light. The place where the only sound is the voices in your own head. You become lost – your quest for peace within is pushed to the side.  Your instincts tell you to hide from a world you perceive as cruel.  You berate yourself for trying. Whip yourself for your perceived stupidity. You convince yourself that the opinions are true and reflect what everyone is thinking and feeling.

You wonder through the abyss. You search its darkness for anything that will anchor you to the light. Anything that will help you pull yourself up. Your desperate  hands clutch at thin air.  Exhausted you fall to the ground. Tears spill from your eyes and defeated you surrender to the hopelessness. The feeling of nothing. The abyss surrounds you.

We live in a world filled with opinions. A world where we place so much importance on what other people think. We believe them because they are the ‘smart’ ones. They validate our worst fears.

You stay in the abyss. Each breathe a reminder that life still flows through your veins. That within you, you have life. From this one tiny thought you realise that the light exists- not from around you but from within you.

You realise that people will try and take your light. You can give it to them. Or you can  embrace that light within. Embrace you. Listen to you. Hear the light within you speak. Let it silence the darkness. Fill the void of emptiness with hope.

Being in the abyss you find your light. A place of total darkness leads you back to the light within you.  Your true power. Your true place of  strength.

You light is your voice. Reminds you that what you think is more important then anything else.

People will hate you. Tell your self you love you. People will tell you, you are not good enough. Tell yourself you are enough. You are worthy. People will reject you. Accept yourself. Accept every part of you. accept that you are a masterpiece.

The words of negativity and hate will block the light within you.

Shine stronger through your words of positivity to you.

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