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the chains that bind

It's funny in life sometimes we spend all this time looking back- trying to make sense of our past, reconcile it, define it and then let go. We spend most of our lives in reflection trying to understand- did we do that right, was that the right choice, regret, guilt.

We are linked to our past one ring at a time. Each ring an emotional event. Most people look towards me to look into their future - but we spend most of our time reconciling the past- link by link we dismantle the chain. The future won't happen the way we want if we are constantly stuck in the past.

For most of my whole life I lived stuck in the past. I never really thought I was. I held onto so much and kept myself trapped in my emotional memories. It is the emotion connected to the events that tie us to them, that bind us in fear. If we stay in the security of what we know, we feel safe and in control. We sentence ourselves to exist in the prison of our past.

The future contains so much uncertainty- it is elusive, mysterious and unknown. To live in the now is scary. We must tackle our fears head on and push ourselves to cut the emotional chains of the past- link by link. The chain shortens, your power is restored. Armed with wisdom, learnings, growth you empower yourself to tackle the future.

A life controlled by the past, is no life to live.

We forget that every future moment contains the opportunity of love and happiness.

Thank the past for its wisdom, its teachings, learning and growth.

Use the past to direct your present and create the future you desire.

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