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the 'in between' of yesterday, today and tomorrow

The sun rose this morning and without fail it rises everyday.

And in the evenings without fail the sun sets.

It is a given. It marks our yesterday, new day and end of day.

We use it as a measure of our success for the day. What we didn't get done, we say, 'Tomorrow'.

So tomorrow comes and the sun rises. As it has always done. And as it will continue to do way beyond our lifetime.

And we once again get on with life. Some things get done and some things don't. The ones that don't we say 'Tomorrow'.

It is usually the same ones we didn't get done yesterday.

If we think about it, tomorrow and yesterday never really exist. Tomorrow and yesterday change as the sun rises and sets.

So when we say tomorrow we are given ourselves an out. We are committing to, 'I will get it done', which is essentially putting it off.

So when the sun sets tonight... instead of saying tomorrow. Give it a date. Give yourself a tangible, reachable and achievable goal that actually exists in reality.

And when the sun rises, look at the goals you set for that date and get on with the getting it done.

Or you could just live in the 'in between' of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Of course the nothing will get done and nothing will change.

Live in the today. Use yesterday as your teacher. Set your goals for the future.

Yep, that's right, you have to work at it.

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