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The Little Changes

Change happens every second with every thought, every idea, every choice every action. It is continuous.

You are in a constant state of change.

All leading you to a new place, a new thought, a new idea.

New is change. It opens the doorways, reveals paths, ignites passion.

Each journey you take is change. The change you make is directed by you. You are in full control.

How much, how little, how far, how soon- all in your control.

Change is a series of little steps. Little changes all lead to the next change, then the next one. It gives you the little breaks in between to adjust. It gives you the little so you can build to the big.

When you stop the little changes, the build up happens. You get lost in the old and new. You live in between- watching but not doing, seeing but not acting, thinking but not practising, feeling but not creating.

Change will come for you. It will hit you like a tidal wave and sweep you into its momentum. Forcing you to make all those small changes as once.

You can have a tantrum- kick and scream. Change doesn't care. Its job is to take you to the next.

How you get there is your choice.

Change doesn't wait. It doesn't pause. It doesn't rewind.

It will keep knocking until you open the door. Or it will just kick the door in and come for you.

Whether we embrace it or reject it, change doesn't back off- it comes for you ready or not, willing or not.

Change doesn't have to be your enemy. Change doesn't mean bad.

Change means new. It is growth.

Change is your chance to make sure you live your life by your design. Directed by you.

Changes inspires you to create your world and fill it with passion, love, success and happiness.

Change is where your dreams are realised.

Keep evolving. Keep growing. Keep designing. Keep dreaming. Keep doing.

But mostly keep make the little changes.

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