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The Spin

I spin around. Turning in circles. my eyes out wide. My head giddy.

My body propelled by a force of its own.

My feet turn and turn faster and faster.

My body exhausted. No balance. My feet trip and I fall to my knees.

My eyes lower.

I can not spin with my world.

So I stop.

And watch my world spin around me.

Flashes of my life. A life disconnected. The loneliness washes over me. The isolation paralysing.

I can not step into my world. I can not spin. I want it to stop. But it keeps spinning. My hand reaches towards my life. Aching for connection. Burdened with loneliness.

Defeated by the spin. I sit and wait.

For peace in the stillness to allow me entry back into my life. For my soul to align. My feet to ground. My body to balance.

I sit and watch my world. I breathe.

Slowly my world stops spinning.

I breathe again and stand up. Stronger.

I survived the spin.

I am ready.

I step back into my world.

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