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the world of you

Whenever I am unsure of where I am going I always imagine myself walking down this magical path.

I can't see the where but I know that if I keep walking it will show me the way to me.

Life is not always about the destination - it is the journey to discover yourself.

It is the journey that leads you to the destination.

That journey takes you to places within yourself.

Discussions with long forgotten versions of you.

See yourself through your own eyes.

Finding the hidden parts you keep secret.

Traveling into them.

Sitting there in spaces of darkness.

Casting light into the void.







The journey is the destination.

It is a journey we try to ignore. Try to avoid.

Surge ahead.

Take the journey.

Embrace it with an open mind, a heart that is willing and a soul that knows it's on the right path.

Free yourself to enter into the world of you.

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