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through your eyes

Many times in life a path must be walked alone.

No one else can join you. It is your journey and one you must take by yourself.

Leaving your safe, familiar and secure world to set forth into uncharted waters is terrifying.

It can hold us back if we let it. Keep us locked in a moment, in a cycle that we have outgrown.

Walking alone is not being alone- it is simply embracing the future through your eyes only.

When you take that step - you embrark on the journey of a new beginning. You get to discover and explore all the possibilities, all opportunities and all experiences.

You sprinkle the 'water of life' all over yourself and blossom and evolve.

A new you emerges.

You grow you and design what you future holds for you.

The creation of the new- is exhilarating and exciting.

Take the step.

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