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Tide Of Change

The last week for me has felt like I have been drowning. I was resisting this tide of change- change that I created, welcomed, celebrated. But then I looked into the change and wanted to run back to familiar- to hide in normal.

I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. And in my case pushed me to release the resistance and flow with the tide of change.

Then I was listening to Wilderness by Snow Patrol and my computer randomly jumped to this song Don’t Give In – SNOW PATROL

So I listened and then I understood especially when I hear this part.

Don’t give in Don’t you dare quit so easy Give all That you got on the sword Don’t say That you won’t live forever I know, I know

Yes there’s a lot we can We can learn from this loss Learn not to let it fall Bound our years Don’t fall in love with the With the way things were It’ll fuck up your mind It’ll fuck up your mind

The tide of change is hard when you resist it. You don’t want to keep going. You just want to stop and drown. The tiredness overwhelms. The gasping for the air to cleanse the darkness from your soul.

Then it happened – the universe reminded me of all the reasons why I needed to let go and flow with the tide of change. The loss of the present was in no way comparative to the gains of the change. In one swoop my sense of complacency was taken. It forced me to stay straight into the change.

I know where I am going. I created the change.

The tide is my intuition strong and powerful.

I am ready. To surrender. Release my resistance. To trust me. I let go. And flow with my tide of change.

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