Timeless Love

Chapter 3

Dear You

I talk to you. You answer. It’s just nice to not be alone.

I wonder if something is wrong with me. I talk to a phantom. A figment of my imagination. It harms no one.

I don’t feel alone.

My dark voice whispers ‘He won’t want you. You will be invisible to him.’

In my head I watch as you walk right past me.

The dark voice, ‘He won’t love you.’.

The darkness swirls around me. I cannot breathe.

What if this is true?

My fingers seek yours. Further and further I reach out… My body trembles. I can’t see you, I keep reaching.

You aren’t there.

The dark voice was right.

Fingers clasp mine. Two hands entangle. I grab hold. Never to let you go.

My body shudders.

‘It wasn’t right. It wasn’t right.’ I cry.

Our heart beat the same rhythm. Perfect. The music soothing- it spreads love. The darkness ebbs away.

I am complete. You are in my soul.

I will not give up.

I have loved you since the beginning of my time.

In all the lifetimes, in all dimensions, in all realities, in all alternatives- it is we.

I know you. I have known you forever.

I miss you.

Come find me.

Me xx

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