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to vs to not

There is a constant battle that rages inside of us daily. We fight it constantly.

the To vs To Not.

Excuses - we all use them everyday. We excuse ourselves from having to begin, to continue or stop trying.

We tell ourselves:

  • when they do this I will do that.

  • when this happens I will do that.

  • I am waiting for a sign,

  • I am waiting for this or for that.

  • It's because of them, her, him.

or the cruncher

  • just because.

We buy ourselves time to not even try by feigning more excuses-

  • I will do it tomorrow,

  • I am waiting for the right time.

  • No point beginning now.

  • Why bother, it will fail.

We hide behind our excuses BECAUSE:

  • we are scared.

  • we fear change.

  • we are terrified we won't achieve success.

  • we will be rejected.

Your excuses hold you back from creating the life you want, are worthy of and deserve.

If you let fear lock you down, you give up your freedom to believe in you.

You settle for second best, never realising that right at your fingertips is the key to your success.

Make a choice- right here to empty your bag of excuses.

Fill with motivations and inspirations that will empower you and remind you, that above all:

  • you will have.

  • you will be.

  • you will achieve.

You got this!

S xx

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