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What Do You Chose?

I always say this to myself – all the time. Especially when the fear rears it’s ugly head.

My Thinking Coach- aka Coach THINK (yes I have named it) blares this into my head:

If you don’t push through nothing will ever change!

Take the risk- fear is the only barrier right now.

You got this- believe Sonita! Believe in you!

And remember that feeling of ‘YES! I did it!’ – is right on the other side.

You ready?- let’s do this!!

And off I go!

Coach THINK is my power voice- my coach that says come on get the thinking right. Coach THINK keeps me accountable for my thoughts. Accountable of what I am feeding into my core being.

It reminds me that negativity feeds ‘I can’t do’.
Positivity feeds ‘I can do’.

We all need out brain coaches. Coach THINK Is just one coach I have tucked away up in my brain- part of an organic team that work together to create my happy, my success, my joy, my hope and my love.

When I chose negativity I always fail.
When I chose positivity I always succeed.
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