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which way?

As I approached the fork in the path, I could feel the nervousness flood my body. The closer I got the more I wanted to run away. I didn't want to make a choice. I slowed my steps, forced myself to continue.

I couldn't stop the forward momentum. So I tried to slow it. The choice loomed large in front of me. Left? Right?

Which way?

Which is the right way?

How do I choose?

My nervousness turned to anxiety. Sweaty palms. I couldn't breathe.

I looked upwards to the Heavens.

Help me, please. What is the right choice? I don't know. Please, tell me what to do.

Before I knew I was at the fork. I looked to both paths. One went up, the other down.

I screamed... SHOW ME THE RIGHT WAY.

Overcome, tears sprung from my eyes. I didn't want to make a mistake. I didn't want to choose wrong.

My body heaved as the fear gripped my being.

Somebody tell me which way.

But there wasn't another soul in sight. It was just me. The choice was only mine to make.

I sat for hours and waited.

Nobody came. Slowly I stood up. My body trembled.

I gulped the air into my lungs.

I took a step forward. Peered down each path as far as my eyes could see.

Confused I turned from one to the other. Shall I throw it to fate?

Shall I toss a coin?

I can't decide.

A breeze swirled around me.

How do I know which is best?

The wind whispered "You don't. Whichever you chose, trust that you have everything you need to walk that path."

I looked back and forth between the two. How do I know?

"Close your eyes" the wind whispered.

Blind, I listen. I feel. I pray.

Indecisive. My mind spirals into confusion.

Overwhelmed I question myself.

A gust of wind hits my face.

I inhale.


I feel the firm ground beneath my feet.

I shake my hands. Energy sparked within me. I place my hand on my heart.

"Listen," the voice whispers," You know. You have always known."

I smile.

"Which path do you see?"

I turn my body.

My eyes open.

My feet move forward.

And walk that path.

The wind rushed past me.

My heart sings. My soul soars. I listened. I heard my voice.

"All paths lead to the same point. Each path carries a different journey there. There was never a wrong choice."

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