Winds of Change

I was watching the wind sway the trees.

The tree shaken to its core, held tight to the ground its roots deeply embedded into the earth. A foundation strong to withstand the winds.

The branches swayed in the breeze – the leaves tossed from side and to side.

I stood outside watching this. The wind whipping at my body, stirring my sense of complacency.

I looked at the tree once again. Some leaves fluttered away – the tree shed the old. The new leaves were strong and steadfast. The new didn’t need shedding. But the tree knew it needed to release the old. The old served no purpose- it held the back the growth of the new.

As the wind stirred around me, it whispered hold on or let go. I knew I needed to let go of the old. It had no place in the now. It served only to hold me back. I had learnt from it, grown from it and now it was time to release it. I

I turned to face the wind, closed my eyes. I exhaled and blew the past into the breath of the wind. I stood feeling the weight of the past finally shift.

When I opened my eyes it was to see the now.

To live the now.

So I walked forward to create the new.

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