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You create what you believe

Final stages of a massive re write of my screenplay.

It’s been such a big journey with this one. Challenged me as a writer and a person in ways that I have never imagined. I learnt that if you don’t write your way, then your writing has no soul. You have to write the way you know how.

I spend many hours trying to write to a hold, to a style that just wasn’t me. It was frustrating. For something I love to do- I felt it was a burden.

I pushed through. I trusted my instincts. I wrote how I knew I story needed to be told. And I believed it was good enough. So it was.

You create what you believe.

Finally I can see the big light at the end of the tunnel.

Heading towards the finish line so it time for #beatsbydre headphones- which is my ‘do not disturb’ to bored children on school holidays.

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