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Hey, let me introduce myself. I'm Sonita. I have a Bachelor of Education. Spent 13 years in Leadership on school, region and national levels in innovative curriculum design, professional learning cultures, project management- the list goes on. I am also a children's book author- my first published novel is BUTTERFLY KISSES.

I also am a screenwriter- BLINK a co written project has to date won 14 awards.

I am a motivational speaker/ writer- my tagline 'You got this!' is about being the master of your destiny.

And lastly I have psychic gifts. I prefer intuitive. I can also communicate with people who have passed over. Usually if I lead with this I get these reactions:

  • so you know what I am thinking?

  • you're psychic you should know

  • really? (followed by the scrutinising look)

  • I don't believe in that rubbish.

  • So you are one of those?

  • 'the look' - you know the one that looks down on you as being psychic somehow makes you less intelligent.

  • WOW- you are amazing!

I used to get really self conscious over the judgements and stereo types. Early on when I embraced my truth I decided I wasn't going to be the rule- but the exception.

Nothing about me is stereotypical.

I was going to define my intuitive gifts- my way. God gave them to for a reason. To see what is not there- to unify all elements of my being, my mind, my intelligence.

I believe our intuitive skills are part of out intellectual matrix. Intricately linked into every aspect of our being. It is a tool- that conscious or not, we use everyday.

  • It just didn't feel right.

  • Something told me to.

  • I just knew

  • I felt it

  • My gut told me.

That is intuition at its finest.

Your internal GPS system.

Don't sit on it! Embrace it. Use it.

You got this!


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