Sonita Singh, an Australian primary school teacher and leader for over 15 years, holds a Bachelor in Education with a major in Children’s Literature. She designed and led state and national projects and innovations in curriculum programs. Sonita consulted with educators, psychologists, therapists and key leadership personnel in the design and development of Student Welfare programs in the key areas of critical and creative thinking and student self-managed learning. 


After the passing of her father, Sonita was catapulted onto a road of self discovery. Unhappy, lost and seeking answers she was desperate to connect with her father. Through this journey Sonita  discovered her passion for giving people the gift of pure love- a connection that inspires, heals and motivates. Her motto- you will hear her say it and write it often 'Always and Forever ~Love Never Dies'. 








Sonita’s esteemed academic career teamed with her passion for life coaching and design, saw her as a ‘breath fresh air’ in the spiritual arena. Sonita,is a regular in Australian media.

Sonita is a leading force in 'death' talk- What does that mean? Well... it means we need to talk about death. Her picture story book Butterfly Kisses is charging the way to open the necessary dialogue. 


Have you read her blogs? 

You should... you will see, feel, experience and evolve through the power of her words, the essence of her motivation and take the step into the journey to design your life. 

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