Sonita Singh is an acclaimed life coach, author, motivational speaker and multi award winning international screenwriter.

Sonita will get you off the excuse train

and into the

movie of your dreams. 

In a nutshell, she changes lives.

Unlock your potential, embrace all possibilities

and design your life.

Dream BIG

Dream Always

Dream Forever


You are the key

Turn the 

impossible to possible.

Your PATH is directed by you.

The life you desire is waiting there. 

Inspiration 30
Do you have 30 Seconds?

It takes 1 second to choose.

1 second to make a choice.

1 second to create change. 

Inspiration 30 give takes you

on a 30 second journey to choose to change your world. 


SEEK the journey.


Take the step

LIVE in, with and around 


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