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life didn’t give up on me

For most of my life, I doubted myself.

I never believed I could.

I much preferred to stay hidden in the background. I was the ‘quiet one’- not because I couldn't speak but because I was afraid to speak. I did not believe my thoughts, opinions and ideas were important.

The anonymity protected me from the prospect of failure, judgment, ridicule, and embarrassment.

I believed I wasn't the 'enoughs'.

The feeling of being overwhelmed was always present. This fuelled disappointment in myself. I didn't want to take risks, to put myself out there, be seen and heard. Overwhelmed I shut down and settled for a life that ‘just was’.

I gave up on myself.

Life had other ideas. It pushed me harder. New situations were thrown at me. I fought it. I cried. I threw tantrums at it. I didn't understand - why did life remain faithful? Why didn't life stop?

Where I saw my failure, life saw my success. Life saw my strength, my courage, my worth. Life knew that I was all the ‘enoughs’ and even more

Life didn't give up on me. It forced me to invest, believe and back myself. 

Life teaches us every day that we are going to feel scared, and our insecurities will plunge us into turbulence, BUT our choice to fight through, and walk forward means we will succeed.

DAILY MANTRA to reset your mind so you feel grounded, centred and clear.

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