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Put a Little LOVE in Your Heart…

Updated: Apr 10

We think love leaves us.

That it flies away. Out of our reach always just that little bit ahead of us.

No matter how much we chase, stalk it, hunt it, we can’t seem to catch it.

So we run faster and faster,

try harder and harder,

but our hands always remain empty.


You can’t catch love - not the kind of love that warms you and ignites you,

lights you up with hope and sparks your world with endless possibilities.


This love you seek is inside of you. The love you have for you.

This love stays. This love never leaves but sometimes it gets mixed up, pushed away and ignored because we are sad, afraid, hurt or lost.


When we lose our connection to our love the ‘alone’ takes over.


We search our external world for a replacement, a substitute that will heal us, make it all okay and put the happy back into us.


It works for a bit – but that empty feeling comes back.


There is no other love that can take the place of the love you give yourself.

Your love fills your ‘empty’.

Your love warms your body, mind and soul

Your love showers you with confidence

Your love ignites your belief and trust in you.


You must be willing to let it out. Be open to filling your heart with your love. Let it surge through your body and with every beat of your heart love will empower you.


It all starts with opening your heart to the purest love of all… your LOVE.

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