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Hello Beautiful People,

Connect, ground and reset with the Sonita style ‘newsletter’ Pocketful of Wisdom. Exploding at the seams with advice, insight, motivation and inspiration to get you through the twist and turns of life.

We all need a little bit of a reminder, a little nudge and to know you are not alone in your journey. 

A free subscription will give you access to:

  • Sonita’s Mind Talk is designed to support you to walk your mind. Mindset is everything and Sonita offers practical strategies to set your mind right. 

  • Sonita’s Daily Affirmation is all about setting positive intentions to connect within and nurture your loving relationship with yourself. Say it daily or as often as you need to as a reminder that you are amazing. 

  • Sonita’s Daily Mantra is all about focusing your mind to connect to the inner power within you. Say it daily or even better as often as you need to reset yourself to feel grounded, centred and clear. 

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Exclusive access to the Daily Step ‘put a little pep in your step’ series on the Pocketful of Wisdom podcast. Sonita’s daily 5-minute pep talk is power-packed for those ‘AHA!’ and ‘WOW!’ moments so you can smash your way right through any roadblock. Step into your success with 5 daily episodes delivered straight to your inbox.

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