the wind rustled the leaves

I shuddered 

not from the the chill

from the deep knowing

the energy rippled through me







knowing this journey 

is my destiny

Butterfly Kisses

Official Front Cover Butterfly Kisses.JPG

Butterfly Kisses is a heartfelt look at the bewildering world of a child after the death of a parent. It is a reaffirmation of life, reassuring the child that even though their parent has passed away, they are still with them in the love they will continue to share. With ethereal illustrations, it is a touching read and will surely bring a measure of peace and calm to the bereaved.

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Between the Notes

A girl embarks on a perilous journey to do the impossible, bringing her dad back to life. Unbeknownst to her, she must fight for her own survival.   

Presented in verse style, BETWEEN THE NOTES is a middle-grade fiction novel that examines the mystery of death, told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Maggie. 


A passion for music, she shares a special connection with her dad. Together on the guitar, they create music, write lyrics and sing their songs. When Maggie’s dad dies in a car accident, her world is shattered. She exists in between the notes of her song, her life.


When I lost my father, I was an adult, but my grief was that of a child. BETWEEN THE NOTES is my grief journey. When a loved one dies it is like there is a piece of us that is missing. Nothing will ever be the same. The life we knew is broken. We wander aimlessly, searching for the connection that frees us to grieve, accept and rebuild our worlds. 

between the notes book cover.png