From a young age I loved to read. I loved everything about it. I would pour over books. Reading for hours on end, until my eyes were so sore I had to stop. Only to think about the story. About the words. 

I  loved watching films. I would become so enthralled in the story I would become lost in it. Once again thinking about it for hours. 

As a child I knew in my heart what my passion was.... to write. 

Words are powerful! Words inspire us. Awaken us. Light our souls. 

Words take us to new places, new thinking. Words evolve us. 

Writing is in my soul. It lights my world with joy. 

I love getting lost in a story. Lost in the design.

I become my characters- live through their eyes.

Everything I do has a powerful message of love, hope, faith and the magic of life! 

All my love

S xx 

Butterfly Kisses

I never really thought that I would see this beautiful story in print. 

But it happened.. and it is even better then I could have dreamed.

The amazing illustrations by my incredibly talented and beautiful friend Eleni are beyond words.  Words just don't do her justice. The energy of her work burst through you like whispers from your soul. I knew at that moment she would bring my words alive. Each picture is 3 dimensional- still blows me away the power of divine energy.

This is a story for all ages. It speaks to the heart. Forged and created with love- it offers the gift of internal connection.

The manuscript got shoved in a pile- forgotten about until my own father passed away. I was devastated. I happened upon Butterfly Kisses and read it. I wailed and wailed and wailed. But something magical happened. It was my roadmap for grief. The innocent journey of this child to find her father was the journey I took. It didn't matter it was written from a child's perspective, that was actually the true gift- grief knows no age. The innocence and simplicity of the journey was the true power. It was simple- you have to unlock and feel the pain, in order to find your connection to them again.

For anyone young and old hurting from loss, Butterfly Kisses has a healing power I have never seen before. It opens you to the power of love, and it is that re connects you to your loved one. 

I knew I needed to turn this into a complete sensory experience. Then came...

 Butterfly Kisses

the short film

and it won an award

 3rd Place at the LA Kids Herofest 2013 

So started my journey into the world of...


Four women, strangers, trapped in a room.

Three will die.

One will live.

They must choose who. 


 Winner of 14 international screenwriting awards. 

the girl

A supernatural thriller, based on actual events (it really did happen to me) of a mother's quest to protect her children from an evil force.