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Defining Your 'Doing Something’.

Updated: Apr 10

We get so caught up in the idea that we have to be always 'doing something'. We push ourselves harder and harder – until the point of exhaustion. We berate ourselves for our lack of motivation and drive. If we aren’t doing ‘the something’ we call ourselves lazy. The guilts creep in chastising us for wasting time.

The mental ‘lack of’ list starts- it doesn’t even give the ‘achievements list’ a chance. Each ‘lack of’ rips our esteem, worth and value piece by piece. Focused only on the ‘lack ofs’, we sink into the ‘overwhelm’ seeing ourselves only through the lens of not being good enough.

Rolling in the murky waters of self-flagellation, we add more fuel to the fire and shower ourselves with ‘The Comparisons’.  

  • They do this.

  • They did that.

  • They have this.

  • They are better.

  • They are smarter.

  • They get things done.

  • They work harder.

  • They get on with it.

  • They deserve it more.

We force ourselves to do something. It doesn’t matter what the quality of ‘the something’ is. It doesn’t matter what the goal of ‘the something’ is. Just that we are doing something. It is exhausting. Not just psychically but mentally and emotionally.

Ask yourself:

  • Are all these ‘somethings’ adding value to your life?

  • Who are the somethings for really? You? Others?

  • What is the doing something’s purpose?

  • Does it give me a sense of accomplishment?

  • What are you afraid of?

  • Is fear driving your actions?

  • Is this the best something for me? The best way to spend the precious seconds of your life?

And the big question… Am I doing this something for me or to keep up?

So… what would happen if you just did nothing? Okay, not just nothing, let’s look at this differently, from a new perspective.

What if…

You found a quiet space and permitted you to have downtime, think time, sort time or ‘just be’ time.

Use this something as the time to define, heal, invigorate, and inspire you. Gave your mind, body, and soul time to rest without the pressure of the must-haves, the shoulds and the have to’s. 

In this ‘something’ you are:

  • taking care of you.

  • loving you.

  • listening to you.

  • feeling you.

  • seeing you.

Choosing to sit still in silence and be, is a doing ‘something’. This ‘something’ hits the reset button so you can make sure that all the ‘something’ matters, has value and positively enhances your world.


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